Meet Salvadore Jefferson

142 Web Studio is solely owned and operated by me, Salvadore Jefferson.

I work directly with my clients, and never outsource. So you always know who you are dealing with and how to contact me.

As a web designer/developer with over 10 years experience, I have been building websites and making clients happy for over a decade.

If you are so inclined, please take a look at some of my recent work.

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Salvadore Jefferson

Web Developer

    Our Values

    In this digital age, we have to market ourselves on the web- whether we like it or not.
    For this reason, our focus is making it as easy and affordable for businesses to take charge of their web presence as possible.

    Buzz words like tweet and instagram should be part of your marketing campaign, not part of your stress.

    142 is dedicated to our clients, and they know we will go above and beyond to help them be successful. Our investment in supporting local business is just one example of our commitment to our work.

    We nurture the relationships with our clients and like them to think of us as an extension of their team. It’s not always easy to manage your web presence, so our goal is to make it as simple and painless as possible by creating dynamic web sites that are easy to manage, even for the least computer-savvy small business owner.

    Our Mission

    For every client project we take on, we strive to create memorable branding with a clear message, a customized user experience with a website built to be an incredible advantage.

    We build a relationship with each and everyone of our clients, and assume the responsibility of helping them grow, freeing them to focus on the best aspects of their business, and harness the opportunity of a professional web presence on the internet..


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